Getting Started

Section 5 - Taking Attendance

Attendance: Clerical

Please review School Office Attendance for a complete overview of office attendance for clerical staff

Attendance: Classroom teacher
  1. After logging in click on the Attendance icon
  2. Your class will pop up. Students are all defaulted to Present unless an absence was pushed through by the office
    1. Click A if a student is absent or L if a student arrives late, an * will appear to indicate this has not been posted
    2. You must click POST in order to complete your attendance. A confirmations message will appear at the top of you page
    3. You may go back and alter attendance the same way should students arrive after you have completed your attendance. You must click POST again!
  3. Once you have posted your attendance, a green check mark will appear on your main page
Note: You can do attendance from the Attendance top tab or through a seating chart should you choose to create one.

For more details on taking attendance please refer to:
High School Teacher - Taking Attendance or Elementary Teacher - Taking Attendance

How to take attendance for a course in MyEdBC

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